Gujarat Ashram


Premdhara ashram is located 48 km towards East from District head quarters of Vadodara, in the state of Gujarat. It has an accessible location off national highway 48 .

The Ashram is a two story building, with Temple, community kitchen, washing area, dining area and meditation hall in lower floor and top floor is the resting place for Sadguru.

The shrine also enjoys the breath taking views of farmlands on which is was built originally and occasional gusts of winds cradles the lush green vegetation of the surroundings. All this and given the serenity and high divine frequency with which this place reverberates, will give an instant calmness to your restless mind.

The Cow shed( Gaushala) lie in the backdrop of this place. Its a bran to raise cattle and care for them. The fresh milk and butter is used by the community kitchen volunteers to feed the local community. Additionally cow dung(gobar) and cow urine(gaumutra) is generously utilized in preparing Panchgavya medicines for Ayurvedic use.

There are multiple rooms and bathrooms for people to rest and refresh. Toiletries, bedding and daily essentials are provided for at no extra cost. Honest seekers of spiritual path are welcome at all times.

Daily morning and evening Arti poojan(prayers) are timed at 4:30 early morning ,11:30am and 6:30pm.

Maharashtra Ashram


The Maharashtra Ashram is just located off the main road at Navkhada post, Nagbhir. Its a remote countryside enjoying its aloofness from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Standing tall next at the foothill of the mountainous range is the prime location of the Ashram. The craggy terrain with rocks and pebbles pave the way to the main entrance of the Ashram. Interspaced in between such rugged landscaping are the lush green farmlands of the residents.

This breathtaking view has more to offer not just a scenic temptation of the sight. The inherent peace and serenity falls upon the visitor as a clear indication of the high energy rich field of this area.

It is supposed to be the ancient land of the yogis and Rishis of India who used to perform Yajnas and meditation of the advanced level and the hidden caves in the hills reverberate with their Aura.

It is a rebuild of the same kind of Yogic resort for the modern era to relive and experience the power of that austerity. We are fortunate enough to rediscover this phenomenal meditation spot by the Grace of Sadguru and wisdom from previous births.