Guru vs Sadhguru


Guru is like a teacher who makes us aware about everything related to spirituality and gives us information of the several paths that lead to God. He enlightens us about the scriptures that lead to knowledge of self. He is a general term for a teacher who might not be God realized but shows the right path and leads us to light from darkness.


Whereas Sadguru is an exalted being. Sadguru embodies truth and elevates the consciousness of the disciple in life and after death. He doesn’t leave his shishya (disciples) till he gets God realization. He is witnessing you from all the possible dimensions and protects you time and again and constantly pushes you to keep going in your spiritual practice. Sadhguru can be miles away from you but watches you and makes you strong willed, so you develop deep strength on your spiritual path.

About Our Sadhguru (Our Beloved Bapuji)

In the year 1959, such enlightened and fully awakened Yogi "Param Pujya Baalyogi Brahmchari Shri Mast Daduram Bapuji “reincarnated in the holy land of Bhilodiya village outskirt of Baroda district (Gujarat state, India) near to Dabhoi taluka, to a Rabari family. He started doing Yoga Abhyasa since he had knowledge of previous birth. Some 150 Asanas and ancient yogic breathing techniques he practiced at the tender age of 7. This was a way in which he recovered his deformed hands and feet muscles and corrected his speech problem by Yoga Abhyasa. He entered spontaneous samadhi stages while he was just 15. He had no interest in pursuing modern education. He was unable to attend school while absorbing himself in deep meditative stages on the bank of the holy river Orsang and in the outskirts of his village where he sat for hours in meditation.

Speaking of the heights of his spiritual attainments he is called a “Purna Mahapurush”. Bapuji says that human body is just a vehicle (a medium) within which Atma resides. He says that Happiness and Sorrow arise from this body only and that is the root of human suffering. Our human eyes have very limited vision. (“Charam Chakshu”). We simply believe what we see in the outside world. If we want to seek the ultimate truth (Parmatma or Brahma), then we must work hard to internalize our mind and experience another world of our beloved Parmatma. Yogis always live in bliss because they do not get associated with the body but witness it. They are detached from their bodies since they have already experienced that this body is not me. In deep meditation they find out that my nature is bliss and it is not space and time bound. Once a person reaches that stage, he/she becomes fully awakened.

Our Bapuji is “Bal Brahmachari” (Celibate) as there is no need to look outside for joy . The centre of happiness is inside all of us. As a Avatari Mahapurush he never fails to keep up with his “Sadhana” (practice) his strict routine of Abhyasa is sitting in meditation for almost twenty hours a day with only giving rest to the body for four hours.

He refrains from attracting media attention since he doesn’t believe in the exhibition of his powers in public. Bapuji says one who is fully enlightened will keep Yoga siddhi exhibition at bay. He shares his knowledge and techniques or inner engineering to his disciples who are true seekers.

He has prophesized the arrival of his Sadhguru “Maharshi Shri Mast Vairagi Dada” way before time on a piece of paper noting the exact time date and occasion. He predicted a lot of things for his disciples beforehand since he is so merciful that he takes away the pain and disease of his disciple on his own body.

Soon people of Bhilodiya village and from near villages were influenced by his teachings and joined him to learn the inner knowledge from him and they became his disciples. In the beginning there were very few disciples but by the passing time it was in lakhs. After that he established the “Premdhara Yogashram” near Chanwada village where his disciples come and learn the knowledge of the self by practicing Sanyam.

He is a staunch believer that nothing is achieved without purushartha. Even though you are initiated by Sadhguru , your job is to do Seva Simran and Satsang if you want to realize your true Self.

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The Philosophy of SANATANA DHARMA

Sadhguru Brahmanistha Brahmchari Bal Yogi Shri Mast Daduram Bapuji from the depth of his experience as opposed to just book knowledge peaches us the real meaning of Santana Dharma to be,

Sana (सना) = Connection

Tana (तन) = Body

Sanatana is that without which the body cannot exist and this connection to the body of the Atma is called Santana. To Pursuit of that eternal connection, to gain knowledge of self is Santana Dharma.

"The true preaching of Sadhguru is to explore the spiritual dimension within us! You are a treasure house of boundless pure love what is hidden in you. Why look for it outside? Looking for it outside takes you away from Parmatma.

PARMATMA is within and without After innumerable births and deaths, you get this human form. That too due to past good karmic impressions you have been born as a human being, that too in the holy land of India. India is not an ordinary land. The Sanatana Dharma is not a doctrine, faith or belief system. It has no sect or caste. it is vast like ocean, and everyone is a part of Sanatana. because the definition of Sanatana is that Shakti ('power") which is connected to the body and without this power you don't exist. Our Sadguru talks about this universal dharma whose offspring is the entire world. "


Community Meals(Langar)

  • It's a custom in our ashram that whoever comes is invited to enjoy delicious Mahaprasad served by devotees for free at any time of the day .
  • The community kitchen of our Ashram which serves meals to all free of charge, regardless of religion, caste, gender, economic status, or ethnicity. People sit on the floor and eat together, and the kitchen is replenished by donations of grains like rice ,lentils and fresh vegetables by devotees and philanthropic followers.
  • We are happy to accept anything and everythin that a devotee gives from his heart and help us serve the others in need .
  • Not a single person, at any time of the day is turned away and everyone is treated as God in disguise .
  • Our philosophy is simple :
  • God had bestowed some with surplus and some with meager resources to survive. If we understand this highest teaching in life we can donate to others who have less,and by God's grace our reservoirs will still be overfilled with them .
  • God is giving us a chance to serve others by giving us more.If we give we are just serving God's purpose in life .
  • This is the big picture worth understanding.